New Zealand Update #1

Hey all!

Sorry for the slight delay in posting since I’ve arrived in NZ. Been too busy running into doors at the super market and butchering my English beyond all recognisable hell.

Anywho, I’m gonna try to keep this one pictureless. If you want to see some of the newest pics, head on over to the Photos page and check them out!

I landed in Auckland on the 3rd (2nd in U.S.) and had an ABSOLUTE BLAST. Seriously folks, it was nuts. I traveled all the way here by myself, a feat that honestly, I was quite proud of. But when you’re in NZ, you’re NEVER alone! Everyone at my hostel was here for the same reason: to have a working holiday. And the kicker?

THEY traveled alone too!!!!

It was amazing to be able to meet with a bunch of complete strangers from all over the world, coming to the same spot for the same reason as you. That’s something really really special. We all bonded extremely well, and when it was time for us all to part ways to our respective jobs, it was quite sad. We’ve all kept up on Facebook though, which is nice.

After Ackwardland, I headed down to my prime destination: Queenstown. This place is SICK. After arriving, I made small talk with some Americans from the northeast and Arizona. A bus took us down into town, where we proceeded to bruise our jaws on the bus’ grated metal floor.


Don’t believe me? Go check out the Photos page.
Seriously! Stay frosty!
– Phantom Out.

2 thoughts on “New Zealand Update #1

  1. Sounds like your having a blast danielson ha and I’m sure you seen the picture of the beloved neon haha I told him he’s never riding with me again it’s bad luck haha well good luck my friend stay safe bro!

    1. Yea it’s fun down here! And yea, I’ve seen the Neon. It’s alright though, I know it wasn’t his fault. I’m gonna try and get some more videos and photos online soon so keep an eye out! Have fun dude!

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