Climbing the way north: My trip to Norway

This year’s annual trip abroad brought me to Norway, which, if I’m honest, has been on my places-to-go list for quite some time now. Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve come up with a huge laundry list of things that I wanted to do and see in Norway, but, I was only able to pull off a few of them on this trip.

Photo Aug 13, 8 35 05 AM
Horsing ’round

I started off by landing in Oslo, of course. I spent a few days there, checking out the Opera House, Viking Ship Museum, the dozens of different parks, amongst other things. I eventually made my way west, where I found myself in Stavanger. This small city has an absolutely gorgeous coastline! Plenty of things to do and see here as well, including a few museums, boat rides, excursions, and shopping.

Photo Aug 14, 6 24 10 AM

From there, I went north, and found myself in Preikestolen, where the world famous pulpit rock is at. After spending a day there, I traveled to Odda and climbed the ever challenging Trolltunga, which was by far the hardest single day hike I’ve ever done!

Photo Aug 15, 10 49 04 AM
Norwegian Farm

After a day’s rest, I found myself in the home of black metal; Bergen. This cozy little coastline town seemed quiet and peaceful while I was there. The colorful houses provided a nice contrast to the steep fjords and mountains to the east. After spending a day here, I arrived back in Oslo by way of train, which was hands down one of the best train rides I’ve been on!

Photo Aug 14, 10 04 13 AM
Cozy back alley

Below you’ll find some photos from the trip. I tried my best to not alter or photoshop all aspects of each of the photos. I wanted each photo to be real, and provide an accurate depiction of what I was seeing in person. I hope you enjoy!

Photo Aug 13, 6 40 11 AMPhoto Aug 13, 7 51 53 AMPhoto Aug 14, 6 29 42 AMPhoto Aug 14, 7 09 45 AMPhoto Aug 14, 8 21 28 AMPhoto Aug 14, 9 14 09 AMPhoto Aug 15, 1 45 50 PMPhoto Aug 16, 3 41 22 AMPhoto Aug 16, 6 50 07 AMPhoto Aug 17, 1 02 04 PMPhoto Aug 17, 1 02 06 PM (2)Photo Aug 17, 3 29 20 AMPhoto Aug 17, 4 16 39 AMPhoto Aug 17, 9 19 02 AM


Photo Aug 18, 5 38 22 AM

Stay frosty,
– Phantom Out.

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