Of Mist and Sanguine Nights: My Trip to Scotland


This year’s annual “free falling off the deep end” trip saw me arrive (29 years late, albeit) to the mystic shores of Scotland, the third and final trip to countries of my family’s heritage (and origin of my last name!).

Running from the Midges

After landing in the twice-born city of Edinburgh, I spent the first two days exploring and getting to know this beautifully historic “Athen of the North”.

Photo May 27, 11 09 49

Sight seeing highlights included hiking Arthur’s Seat, buying shoes, talking to locals about their apparent weakness to any heat above 65 degrees fahrenheit, and eating what is considered by many (including yours truly) to be the epitome of British chain food, seen here:

Photo Jun 02, 13 19 02
Either you know it, or you don’t.

After stuffing my face like only a proper American could, I met up with a small group of other hikers, and we set off (along with our incredibly amazing local tour guide Nicky) to the highlands to begin our 5 day hike.


We eventually found our way to the Isle of Skye, where we tasted some delicious local Scottish whiskey, and watched the sun never dip below the horizon during the midnight hours. It was quite a sight to see!

Photo May 30, 10 22 01Photo May 30, 06 25 27IMG_9678

One of our stops while on the Isle of Skye, was in the somewhat small (or large, depending on who you ask) town of Portree, where some rather questionable purchases and actions were made, including the purchase of this scarf, based off of a popular local tartan design:

Photo May 30, 10 00 26

After Skye, we headed back to the mainland, where we eventually found our way to the now infamous loch known as Ness, where unhabitual creatures have reportadly crept up from their depths every now and again for a nice photo op (and a cheeky Nandos).

Photo May 31, 06 22 29

We then made our way south, towards Edinburgh, and got to switch up the hiking scenery a bit by walking ourselves thru these things called trees. Tall bastards, I tell ya.


Eventually (after much more hiking, and bribing our tour guide for ice cream stops) we made it safe and sound back in Edinburgh.

The trip was seriously a metric shit tonne of fun, and was some of the best hiking i’ve done on this planet. I’d most definitely recommend Scotland if any of those things interest you, or these photos look like something you’d like to experience yourself!

Speaking of which, I won’t take up any more of your time. Here’s some additional photos for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy them!

Photo Jun 02, 11 38 57Photo May 27, 13 14 49Photo May 28, 05 22 33Photo May 28, 06 26 56Photo May 28, 11 42 49Photo May 30, 05 16 38Photo May 30, 12 27 00Photo May 29, 10 01 46
– Phantom Out.

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