I started this website in the summer of 2013, essentially to be an “online diary” of sorts, where I could blog about my travels around the world, just for me to reminise about later on. Sure, a few friends and family would check it every so often, but it was mainly for me. And it still is……sort of.

But as the months and years progressed on, more and more people would look to this website not for neat stories of Kiwi’s in their natural habitat, but for inspiration.
For advice.
For courage.

Seeing someone do what it is you want to do can be an excellent wake up call. It’s the universe’s way of saying “This person is human, just like you. If they can do it, then you can too.”
The idea for even starting this website came from seeing another fellow blogger’s website. I remember reading through the dozens of articles on their site, being incredibly inspired to start my own site, and set out on my own journey.

And what a journey it’s been.

I’m here because I want to help inspire other people to arrange their lives in a way that helps them fulfill their own destinies and dreams. To achieve their own goals.
To live.

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Since 2005, I’ve been pursuing my dream of doing international travel. I make it a point to travel to at least one new country a year. It has been, hands down, the most fulfilling aspect of my life.

I hope you find this website enjoyable and fun! My goal is to try and write articles/produce videos, photos and music that I feel best represents me and my slightly “interesting” take on life. I hope you enjoy what I have to say!

Thanks for stopping by.
– Phantom Out.

dangea = a play on words between “Dan” and “Pangea” (massive supercontinent from 200 million years ago. An all-encompassing place, much like this website is for me)

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