Are you scared of the unknown?

Are you?

I’m not.
Not really, really. Unless the unknown consists of a Coca-Cola drenched dreary coal mine in West Virginia. Then I’d be willing to change my stance.

Anywho, the reason why I ask is because I have recently been selected to join a group of (currently) 14 people to write and produce articles for a travel website called Discover The Unknown.
The premise of this website is to serve as a sort of launch platform for people who are stuck in their 9-5 rat race day jobs, and are wanting desperately to get out and travel. The website features interviews with all 14 of us (Oh God Danny, what’d you say now?), as we offer our tips, tricks, and logistical advice on how you can get out and travel! It’s a great website with a great idea, however bare with us as it is still young, and needs a bit more content (coming soon!). The site also has links to ALL of our emails, so if any readers have questions about traveling, or need tips and advice, we are here to help! All 14 of us come from different countries. The variety in the writers allows the readers to get a much broader scale of information.

If you’ve got a minute, be sure to check out the website, and let us know what you think!

Click here for the website homepage.
Click here for my interview.

Keep that frost coming!

– Phantom Out.

One thought on “Are you scared of the unknown?

  1. Hey Danny! Thanks for joining the DTU community! I am glad that you are enjoying the site that I have created and are passing the word along to other travelers and people who just need that extra boost to get out and explore for themselves! I look forward to following you along your journey and welcoming new travelers to my site as the word spreads! Keep on trekking! -Erica

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